Born in in Hong Kong, Mickco passion for art and music stemmed since a very young age. At the age of 8, without having any proper piano lessons, he discovered he can play the music on the piano just by hearing the tune. Mickco spent most of his teenage years in Canada and the UK where he had learned the basics in art and music. These crucial years abroad have allowed Mickco to apply the skills learned to express his emotions through composing music and painting. Upon returning to Hong Kong, Mickco spent 2 years working in a recording studio named “Najing” in 2004, where he advanced his skills in music arrangement and production. Thereafter he has worked in studios for fashion accessories and graphic design. In 2008, Mickco moved to Beijing and during his time spent in the national capital, he had come across many different artists, personalities and trendsetters which induced him to start on portrait paintings. Recently, Mickco worked with Media Asia to create illustrations of the characters in the hit movie “Love in the Buff”. this was his first publicized work which made a significant influence on his career.   Recently he had worked with different fashion and cosmetic brands, on events, magazine illustrations and product creations.

  Instagram: Mickco